Boring daily routines freak the heck out of me so I act upon them.

2 min readSep 29, 2017


Oh how I hate those Groundhog Days… When it’s the same people, the same buildings, roads, food, the same everything! Literally, for the past week I’ve been feeling like a hamster running in my hamster wheel, not rushing anywhere though but just stuck in it (now that I think of this, I need to go to the gym… Anyway!)

But you know what? Even this routine can be fun if you look at it at a different angle with a positive attitude.

Same people: don’t you love seeing people whose company you enjoy? Of course you do! You have lunch/tea/coffee breaks with them, you talk about your families, you strike jokes, and they are different every time. Same people but different experiences. Aim for making at least 2–3 people smile, and try to give 5 hugs every day— you’ll feel fantastic!

Same buildings: buy a mood calendar if you’re tired of your desk. Seriously, this will switch up your routine at least a little. Bring different snacks to work, eat them at a different time, go for walks, instead of having lunch run to a gift shop, talk to your mom, or just take a long walk — you’ll see that even such slight changes will destroy that bad image that “the routine” has.

Same roads: I’m talking about the commutes, yeah. Yo, you know what I enjoy the most about public transport? Yeah, buddy, it’s PEOPLE WATCHING. Not in a creepy way (although, absolutely adore little kids and can watch them all the time… moving on!). Look at people, imagine their stories, make up your own ones about them, flirt with someone a bit. A cute little smile, never hurt anyone (I hope).

Even in your daily routine you can have some variety. Try making dinner in the morning, or breakfast at night. Try getting up to an upbeat song and dance, or shower with any kind of music you like. Try getting off the subway one stop earlier and take a longer walk to work to enjoy the surroundings (even if you work in Times Square area that you always avoid you can get a good laugh from people there, ya know… lol). Because yourself will always be with you and unless you see what you’re capable of, you won’t be able to enjoy little things in life.

This is all I’m trying to say: you’re in charge of your life and if not you, world will not change on its own. Trust me, I checked.

P.S. Happy Friday everyone! Time for me to leave my office… ;)