Challenge Accepted

4 min readMay 2, 2020


This has become such a popular phrase, it’s getting annoying (to me at least)! It’s on Instagram, TikTok, offline as well, and it’s about some silly dances, picture/video nominations, and nothing too challenging in fact… The true challenge is happening, however, nowadays to the entire world and we all accepted it without being asked.

One particular feature of this one is that it includes a bunch of little (well, not that little in fact) challenges. At the beginning it all seemed to be for shits and giggles. But then we saw how selfish people can be buying more than they need without thinking of others. Then we encountered those ignorant ones who thought that the virus won’t affect them or that if they get sick, well they get sick — “they’ll take care of me!” they said… No one thought that not a single health care system was ever ready for such huge bursts in numbers of those who’d need care and help. There are still those people but at least now most of us started thinking of others a tiny bit more.

When this pandemic started people were also kind of celebrating and enjoying remote work. YAY! Staying in, not changing from our pyjamas, watching movies. Little did we know how much we’ll miss each other, our favourite coffee shops, restaurants, parks… Lots of us lost jobs, any income, and are relying on support of good strangers. We had no idea that staying in small apartments with our parents or our partners 24/7 will drive us up the wall. We lost track of time, days, months. IT IS MAY ALREADY! And all this are battles we fight in our minds trying to make sense of this whole situation.

Not only do we not know how to live without our regular routines, we have nooooo idea on what’s going to happen in the future. When can we travel? Will we be able to at all next year at least? When can we go to work? How do I know if it’s safe? When do I stop wearing masks and obsessively clean my hands with the sanitizer every 10 minutes? When will I stop freaking out over someone coughing? Will I stay from others 6 feet away for the rest of my life? How do I hug? Will I cry when I see my parents again? Will I miss self-isolation?

All the above cannot compare to what those who’re working at the hospitals are even going through… They took the vow, they stuck to their jobs, they feel the responsibility and they are just as scared and confused. I’ve always had so much respect for people working in health care. Although, I was, at the beginning, also very skeptical of this pandemic and had no idea how unprepared we all are. I was very wrong but now it’s my time to accept the challenge and work through it.

Ah… There are times when I feel the stress and pressure of this whole thing just hitting me in the face. I get the urge to control anything I can. I start to clean and run around our small flat pointlessly, I start to complain to my partner about stupid little stuff, I go online to buy something (I never actually purchase anything thank goodness), I scroll down Instagram and watch those silly dances, picture/video nominations and try to dissolve my mind in those virtual challenges… It’s gotten better after 6 weeks of staying in and this challenge has shown me a lot about myself. For that I should be thankful, I think. I still work out, I eat well, I call my friends and family, I cook, I read, I try to stay sane. Oh I now love those rare moments of grocery shopping — so exciting! Isn’t it?

If you want to vent, feel free to reach out to me. Reach out to anyone you know will listen. Think about those medical workers, cleaners, security, ambulance drivers — all those who take care of others despite the fear and risk. Life is easier on us so we should stay calm and support them more than ever. If it gets too tough, go cry, go yell into a pillow, eat that jar of ice cream (don’t shame yourself for trying to feel better), but don’t forget that will get better. Maybe not as soon as we’d all love it to, but it definitely will.

P.S. Seems like it’s a letter to myself so may it be so. It’ll be fine, Adel. It will be alright.