2 min readFeb 7, 2020


Even adults want this.

Ever since I was 16 years old I’ve had the luck and privilege to travel the world alone. It is exciting, it is fun, sometime absolutely terrifying and stressful but, overall, it all comes back to going back where your home and loved ones are.

Well, when in my teenage years I felt like it was very adult of me to land at the airport, figure out how to get to the city, and do it all on my own, now I’ve become to miss those time when my parents or friends would pick me up.

Even if I am not going back home, when I am just traveling to see my friends, it is just so much more comforting to have someone standing there, smiling as soon as they recognize you from that huge group of tired people, waiting for you. To have someone who’ll hug you, ask you how your flight was, and just be there on your way home (or any other final destination point).

I remember talking to my mom asking if dad could pick me up from yet another flight. She said: “Ah, you’re mature enough. Just get a cab!” I did tell her it’d mean more to me if he was there to pick me up but I also agreed that it’s more convenient to just get a taxi…

Convenience, sometimes, isn’t the best way to go, and making someone feel welcomed and loved, can do much more than just save some time (and gas). Hope your loved ones embrace you with the warmest hugs and cover you with endless kisses when you return to them. Mine do. ❤