2 min readOct 26, 2020

It is unfortunate how easy people can lose touch with those who used to be close to them.

(I actually wrote this sentence above more than a year ago and without having anything else to add I kept it in my Drafts for all this time)

I do not remember why exactly I wanted to write about losing touch with people but with a bit of disappointment I have to admit, I’ve made peace with this phenomena. Why? Because we all should be listening to our inner selves. We should not keep in touch with people we don’t want to remain close to. So if there is someone who lost interest in me, in my life, I should just accept that.

I am, however, not saying you shouldn’t try to find out why you and your used-to be friend/lover/close family member grew apart. I did that. Not even once. But if you feel comfortable with not having some people in your life anymore, why push yourself?

And those flashbacks… Well, those are memories. Fun, sad, crazy, ridiculous — they are a part of you. Keep them coming, enjoy the opportunity to relive some of those moments… But then do not forget to look at who you’ve become, how you’ve grown, and what you’ve accomplished. Every single interaction with a person in your life pointed you in a direction of your own path. Up, down, left, right… EVERYWHERE AND ANYWHERE. And look where you are now. All those messages, talks, hang outs, nights, parties, stay-ins, cook-offs, arguments, laughters, tears, hugs… It is all you now, your brain, your heart, your soul.

So even though it is unfortunate to lose people, just remember that you still have gained yourself. Be honest to yourself, be open with others. By the way, speaking up about your feelings and emotions helps others to understand you better but, most importantly, it helps you to see from aside if you truly care. Learn to let go and keep on keeping on.