Got scammed and lost 700 Euro.

2 min readJun 12, 2024


Seriously. How pathetic and funny is this?

We were flying from Palermo back to Barcelona. Ryanair, scheduled for 23:15. The flight got delayed and we took off at 2:20. I couldn’t sleep. Got home and went to bed around 5 am. Had to work the next day, of course...

I do not function well when I lack sleep so being mad at Ryanair I got easily tricked into false support calls, and one thing led to another so now someone in Kenya has 700 Euro from me.

First of all, always check who you tag on X (Twitter). Second, check that support reaching out to you is verified. Third, it always has to be through their official sites or applications…

If they call you all the time — red flag. If they ask you to download some apps and log in to services for which you never created accounts — red flag. If they have created a profile under your name — red flag.

If they ask you to input card info — red fucking flag.

The biggest one.

The 101 “It is a scam” flag.

The kind you feel the most dumb about because you know, you never get fooled into such things.

The whole time I was super suspicious. The whole time, each step of the way, I saw and recognized EACH red flag. However, being greedy, tired, and also working at the same time, I followed that man’s voice and input the info. Like I was hypnotised.

I am ashamed. Not only because it is absolutely dumb of me. Not because I have never been in such a situation and always knew when someone was trying to scam me. But because I was greedy and wanted to get compensation for the way I felt after not sleeping all night long.

I rushed into things. I let my worst side of me play the main role. I allowed my emotions to take over.

Oh I cried. I laughed. I cried again. I called the bank, I called that app’s support team, I tried to cancel but it was too late, of course.

I do think this is karma saying something to me. I have been too irrational at times lately so this is a huge slap in the face for me to take a step back, remember to breathe, keep cool, and simply count to 10.

Since this is a big chunk of money some of my summer plans are ruined but now I know better…

Hope you learn from this. Hope I do too…