it’s all about your attitude

2 min readJun 25, 2023

The other day Ed and I were hiking. The hike was long, it was hot outside, and we were getting hungry by the end of it.

We were in an unfamiliar area using google maps to find a spot for drinks and snacks afterwards. We weren’t feeling anything heavy. So we walked to a place that looked like it had wine, beers, and some appetizers.

So we made it to the place, sat down, and realized that it was a good quality Asian restaurant. The menu looked good but we just couldn’t eat any of that deliciousness. So we got up, thanked the owner, and were about to leave feeling awkward when all of a sudden the owner asked us: “What are you looking for?”

We were a bit surprised but very honestly responded that we just wanted some wine and appetizers. He then went on to go give us very precise directions to a place with the best local food and a huge selection of wines.

I was amused by his reaction — the owner’s reaction to us leaving his restaurant. He wasn’t upset, he wasn’t mad. He was utterly and completely understanding asking the right question. He knew it wasn’t about him or his place, it was about us looking for something different.

How great of an attitude is this? No grudge, no annoyance, simple empathy and willingness to help. We chatted a bit, he told us that he used to work at that other place and said to tell the owner we came from him.

Gotta love human beings like this who simply understand others and don’t assume anything negative from the get-go.

Kindness is the approach to take, the attitude to have so may all of us remember that on daily basis no matter what.