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I’m writing to you (whoever you might be) not to judge, brag, or annoy anyone. I’d just like to share a story that will never be and can never be captured as a picture to the fullest of its emotions.

I’m on vacation with my family in Kaprun, Austria, now. This is one of those rare times when I actually wanted to go somewhere with my sisters AND my parents and it’s going very well so far. You can go on my Instagram, @Adelsky13 (gotta get those followers, right? lol), to see stories and pictures of us skiing, swimming, eating out — all bougie and shit you’d say, right? But here is how one of our best nights went

… we were all exhausted for whatever reason and did not want to leave the hotel (6pm). Our parents had some cheese, some fruit, and a bottle of red wine in their fridge so we decided to stay in for dinner. We were all sitting around this small desk table so it felt cozy from the very beginning. We didn’t have to worry about the price of food, we weren’t having the “best and most expensive” wine, we weren’t bothered by strangers around… We’re all wearing our pajamas or bath robes just talking and having whatever we had. We were talking about us as a family, remembering funny stories, we’re talking about our parents’ childhood, youth, their friends, their parents, their adventures, their relationship — and it all felt soooo good.

None of us had a phone out. None of us was taking pictures or anything. The evening went on very naturally. And this is when it hit me: I never posted anything from that evening on IG (as, yes I’m also one of those, I do share a little too much, unfortunately), because I did not want to interrupt that time of just being together with my family. Best part: my parents got pretty tipsy which was adorably funny :)

People say that you need to appreciate your family, your loved ones, so please do it, and do it without any publicity. Why? Cause then it’s not one of those cherished moments to keep in your heart forever but just another IG post.

Why I shared this here? Maybe cause I want you to learn from my experience? I dunno, but I hope you get something out of it.




Been there, done that

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