random but meaningful

2 min readMay 18, 2018

(copied from my wordpress account)

These past 7 days have been overloaded with too many emotions of all sorts and kinds. However, what I want to share with you is about tonight.

Exactly a week ago I made a mistake that forced me to look at lots of things from another angle. This whole time I’ve been trying to make up for my wrong doings and tonight, Friday night, I randomly decided to spend some time with my colleagues along with my cousin and her friend, I needed a break.

Turns out, this night that I thought I’d spend talking about work, making silly jokes, and eventually going home way before midnight, was actually much more special than everything I’ve just listed could have been.

What I felt might have meant absolutely nothing special to the people I was with, but by the end of the night I felt like I was definitely at the right place, with the right people, at the right time. Yes, we talked about work, relationships, alcohol, even cats — it was a chill Friday night (2 glasses of wine TOP, FYI!) — whatever. However, I had that feeling that I belonged there and that around me I had people who I can be myself with.

This is not to say that this hasn’t happened to me ever. Having moved so much from place to place I know the pain and struggle of becoming a part of a circle of friends/work place/society, I know that feeling of happiness you experience when you you become a part of something, but this time I want to remember this moment so I’m sharing it with you here. It was those little phrases like “you can trust us now”, and “this is brave of you”, and “this situation will make you two closer friends” that made me think that these people have opened up their hearts to me, which I’m beyond grateful for.

Everyone I meet is a piece of that puzzle I have been, that I am, and will be adding to my puzzle of life and having such pieces, what matters the most, is what completes me (yup, used that Jerry Maguire’s line).