2 min readFeb 12, 2024

I’ve been sitting here, thinking about that time I surprised everyone at home. No one knew I was coming, except for my brother-in-law because he was supposed to open the door for me at 6 am.

It was that sweet moment of anxiety (the good kind) — keeping the secret, making sure no one gets any ideas from social media (it can spoil lots of things), and ensuring you’re not disturbing anyone’s daily routine or plans.

It was that split second when you want to jump into the arms of your loved ones, but you also want them to take a moment to process what they are seeing. Imagine your family member, whom you haven’t seen for months, suddenly standing in front of you. Gosh… the goosebumps…

I can’t wait for the next reunion now. We’ll all know we’ll be seeing each other this time, and it actually makes it a bit harder to wait — more challenging not to miss them as much as you do, not to count the days, and not to keep imagining how you’re going to spend all that time together.

It’s been especially difficult these past couple of months without them. I don’t know why. Feeling much lonelier here and knowing I can’t just go over to my parents’ or my sister’s to hang out makes me terribly sad.

Every time I get this sad, though, I also get a sense of incredible luck and happiness because I have people I love, miss, and need so much. What if I didn’t have them? How miserable of a human being would I be? I am glad I have them. And it’s not only about my family that I feel that way, of course. Friends too. But this one is about my dad, mom, and two little sisters.